I developed Divine Cocktailer in late 2016 for those of you in search of the perfect drink to mix, enjoy, serve and celebrate with at your next gathering.

Cocktailing is an art and should be easy and fun. Simplicity is key, especially to the Divine Cocktailer but that doesn’t mean that your creativity shouldn’t get seriously involved!  The basics are all you need to start with, then you’ll be able to run with it and create something appealing to the senses: Sight, taste, smell, sound and intuition… Is this going to be an amazing drink?

As Divine Cocktailer I am going to introduce you to some of my favorite products, focusing on making a deliciously palatable cocktail. Nothing intimidating, but something that will leave you and your guests thirsty for more.

So, here we go. First it’s important to know what you are mixing. You also need to remember that a drink goes so much further when it is smooth and the alcohol does not overpower the senses.

Keeping in mind that many ingredients are versatile,  I will have seasonal recipes in which you can use the same main ingredients to create other exciting recipes.  This is method makes good use of your bar items for all occasions.