Fruit Purees

Blood Orange Concentrate

Made from 100% blood oranges, this classic Sicilian ingredient offers a rich deep orange-red color and citrus flavor. It provides an aromatic, intense citrus flavor without diluting a recipe.


Coconut Puree

This Coconut puree is 100% Natural made with fresh coconut cream. With its velvety texture and a hint of citrus flavor, it is reminiscent of the finest young coconuts grown in the most ideal tropical climates.


Prickly Pear Puree

The allure of this exotic fruit is magical, yet dangerous! Its mystique comes from its naturally vibrant fuchsia color of its pulp. But beware being from the cactus family, its skin pricks. Prickly Pears are the fruit that grow on top of the flat cactus pad; when peeled the pulp has a delicate melon fig taste.